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Choose the best name for your cat

Naming Your Cats Properly

Choose the best name for your cat

Pet cats hold a very special place in the hearts of their owners.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give a pet cat the loveliest name one can think of? Wouldn’t it be great to give a pet cat a name that would reflect its personality as seen by the one who owns it or a name which would give recognition to the cat‘s breed?

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Choose the best name for your cat

There are actually a lot of names to choose from in books or in the internet. But generally, how can an owner choose a name which he will find fit for his cat?

Many cat owners name their pet cats with human names. Actually, a whopping fifty percent of pet names are those of persons.

This primarily is because there are owners who are enamored with a certain name and actually desire to christen someone, or something for that matter, with that favorite name.

Another basis for names is personality or appearance. In this category, examples are Midnight (should the pet be a black cat), Fluffy (obviously, if the cat is fluffy or has long, soft and bouncy coat)

and Whitey (of course, if the cat is white). Pet names based on appearances or personality make up an amazing twenty percent of all pet names.

However, unlike human infants where the parents can opt to wait for a few weeks to see the baby’s personality before naming the child, cats must be named more quickly.

So how does an owner actually name his pet cat? Here are some tips which cat owners can give some thought.

First off, keep in mind that the name that the owner chooses for his pet cat will not only reflect the cat‘s character but also how the owner views his relationship with his pet cat.

As much as it says a lot about the cat, the name given by the owner will tell much about the owner himself. It can then be seen how the name can portray an image of the characteristics of the cat.

Many cat names give either a positive or negative impression of the cat. So, it is important to choose a name which will best convey the proper image of the pet.

Choose the best name for your cat
Choose the best name for your cat

cat‘s name is for keeps. No matter which name the owner chooses, the cat‘s name should be that for the rest of his life.

It is absolutely not fair to change the cat‘s name every two weeks just because the owner finds another name he thinks he might prefer. If the cat already recognizes the sound of its name it should not be changed.

Although the cat won’t mind any name its owner may wish to use, it is just not fair to give the cat an embarrassing name.

While the cat would not mind being named “Ooga Booga”, it would be embarrassing for the owner to actually use this name.

Imagine a person calling out “Ooga Booga” at least eight times a day every time he is looking for his cat. The cat‘s owner should find his pet a name which he will be proud to use.

Also please remember to pick a name which will be appropriate when your cat is full-grown. A large tabby cat with a silly name like Mimi or Kitten seems ridiculous.

A name with two syllables will do best. The response of animals is better to two-syllable names. A cat owner may decide to give his pet a long name as well as a nick name.

However, the longer name inevitably would be shortened, and this would probably ruin the effect the cat owner originally sought.

The cat‘s breed heritage may provide great ideas for names. For instance, if the cat owner owns a Siamese cat, why not name it Siam?

If the cat is a Russian Blue, it would be nice to give it a Russian-sounding or Russian inspired name such as Sofia or Chekov.

Speaking of inspiration, there are a lot of things out there from which you can gain inspiration. As was said earlier, the name the owner gives his cat will speak just as much about himself.

So why not pick a name for the cat which is derived from the owner’s likes, hobbies and favorites? If the owner were passionate about world history, maybe the names Isis, Genghis, Voltaire or Osiris would sound very classy.

If the owner were an avid fan of the Greek mythology the names Zeus, Athena, Hercules or Jason would be sure to make a good first impression on other people.

Choose the best name for your cat
Choose the best name for your cat

On the more contemporary side, names of characters from favorite movies, cartoon series, TV programs or bands will do just as well.

Huey, Louie and Duey would sound cute as well as Bonnie and Clyde. A more posh touch would be naming your cat after signature designers.

Tommy, Donna, Karan, Calvin and Gianni would not sound so bad for cats–just as long as they are well groomed as their names imply.

Naming cats is not the easiest task there is, honestly. But it can be a lot of fun if these considerations and suggestions are always kept in mind.

Then no doubt, that perfect name will come easily. Wouldn’t it be great for an owner to call his pet cat a name which is close to his heart and a name he will be proud to call out no matter what time of the day?

I Dub Thee – Sir Kitty: How to Name Your Cat

When T.S. Elliot wrote in a poem (The naming of cats) the lines “(when) I tell you, a cat must have three different names’, he must have owned a cat.


Many cat owners would have to agree that finding a cat’s name is both a serious and a fun thing to do and that a cat’s name barely lasts a whole year before they find a new, better and apt name for their pets.

Most cats start out with simple and uncreative names. A black cat given to you by a friend is unsurprisingly called Blacky, much like what you will expect from a fluffy cat named (surprise, surprise) Fluffy. These names (along with the likes of Smokey and Tiger)

are given by previous owners who really do not want to be attached to the cat because they are giving it to some other friend. They sort of expect you to change the names of these cats as you take them to your house.

When you give a different name to a cat, you are welcoming him to your family. Most names come from favorite things, like characters from a book, movie or television show.

Other names crop up from famous (and infamous) celebrities such as Britney, Saddam or Osama.

Aside from giving your cat a name that first popped into your mind, there’s one fun way that a certain website mentioned. It’s acrophonology – it is the analysis of a name through the qualities of the letters.

Before giving your cat or any pet just any moniker, it won’t hurt to give acrophonology a try, right? You can even find online analysis of your cat‘s name.

Sites that offer this kind of service often deliver a brief summary of the hidden meanings that are within your cat‘s name. Sure sounds fun and quite rewarding, right?

Other ideas can come up from cartoons, mythology, ancient historical figures and even from common names of people.

There are plenty of names out there and if you can’t think of any, just type ‘cat names’ in your favorite search engine and you’ll find great names that you might have not thought of.

These names though, however good they are, tend to change after certain circumstances. Imagine a cat you named Fatso because he was fat when he was a kitten. All of a sudden, after 1 year he went from a kitten who always slept to a cat that prowls the night.

This will build up his body and the once fat kitten is no more. So what about his name of Fatso? It sounds ridiculous introducing him to your friends as Fatso when he is not fat at all, so you are bound to change her name after that.

Another secret with catnames is that you have to be creative. Sometimes you don’t even have to think of a word as cats provide them to you with their actions.

Other catnames change after certain incidents. These incidents include accidents such as your cat breaking a big bottle of strawberry jam (so you named her Strawberry)

or like when she cries too much and you can’t sleep for several nights (so she is named Banshee).

The value of your catname does not only extend to that term of endearment that you would like your lovely feline companion to be regarded with, but your catname is also important when it’s time for you to train it.

If you are planning to make your pet one of the most well-trained, making your catname easy to say and quite unique will make it easier for you to say it when you have to issue a command.

One tip is use your catname in positive commands such as “come”. When your cat gets accustomed to hearing its name in only positive commands it will learn to love its name.

Truly, naming your cat can be a very rewarding and fun endeavor. It doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling feat. If you really are quite passionate with your feline friend, chances are giving it a name would be a cinch.

Naming Your Cat

With all apologies to T.S. Eliot, the naming of cats is not all that delicate a matter.

But some thought should certainly be given to it. Giving the cat a foolish or ugly name on the spur of the moment because it sounds funny is no way to start a relationship.

It encourages a careless and disrespectful attitude toward the cat not only in yourself, but in other people as well.

A bad name encourages a bad attitude toward the cat. Fortunately, coming up with a good name can be fun and there are endless possibilities for ideas.

One very popular way for finding a good name is to look up the names of stars, galaxies or constellations. You don’t have to stick with just the major ones.

Look up some of the minor constellations and stars as well. You could find just the perfect name in a constellation you had previously never heard of.

You too may find you have a Dorado or Indus on your hands. Another popular means of naming cats is using human names.

Matilda, Annie, Pete and Bobby are all quite popular. Some people name their cats after movie stars or characters in a favorite film or book.

I’m certain that at this very moment, there are a large number of Frodos purring contentedly on their favorite windowsill right now.

Another good way to name a cat is by using something in their appearance to name them. Many calico colored cats have been simply named Calico. Spotted cats of any color frequently have the name of Patch.

ne cat was named Shadow because her black and tan tiger stripes seemed to melt into the late afternoon shadows the first time her new owner saw her. A gray kitten was quite suitably named Ash.

Sometimes it is something the cat did that suggested their name. One kitten had a
habit of scaring himself silly.

When he and his siblings first learned to climb trees, he became over excited and rushed up higher than he was brave enough to climb down from.

The poor little gay clung to a branch crying at the top of his lungs while the adult cats rushed around trying figure out a way to get him down.

It only required a stool to retrieve
the little guy, but he was sure he was stuck halfway to the moon. Another time he
managed to get his head stuck between the slats on an old corn crib.

He was safely
rescued after considerable effort. Due to this undeniable talent for scaring himself, he was
named Spook.

Sometimes it is the cats’ personality that suggests a name. A bold little explorer who was the first kitten in his litter to explore the world outside their nest was named Boone.

A handsome brown kitten was so very fastidious in everything he did (one never puts ones’ paws in the food dish, that’s dirty!) that he was eventually named Thomas.

Naming a cat can be a pleasant and entertaining task. It’s often the very first thing a person does when he or she picks out a new companion.

Take a little time to select just the right name for your new friend. A good name will set your new relationship off on just the right foot.

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