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How To Keep Your Kitten Amused For Hours

How do you keep your cat entertained? After all a cat is not the same as a dog, you can’t play catch or fetch with a cat – or can you?

How To Keep Your Kitten Amused For Hours

Cats and kittens love to play. Kittens especially love to play and sharing your life with them is so much more rewarding if you play with your cat.

It’s really great fun even if you do pick up the occasional scratch and it’s important for your cat’s fitness and well being too.

How do you keep your cat entertained? After all a cat is not the same as a dog, you can’t play catch or fetch with a cat – or can you?

To keep your cat enthralled and interested in playing with you, you need to have a challenging and ever changing environment.

Now before you go off the deep end it’s not as bad as you think. All you really need to do is to have a few cat toys out at a time and rotate them to keep your cat interested.

It doesn’t have to be expensive toys either. String, paper, balls and boxes are all great cat toys.

Kittens use play as a way of learning. Its fun to watch your kitten carefully stalk a ball, pause, then pounce on it, which causes the ball to quickly scoot off.

Your kitten will then chase it all over the house for hours! Even better is having two kittens and watch them play with each other, the toys, and pretty much anything that moves, including your toes!!

As with dogs you need to take care that the toys you give your cat are safe. Even though a cat is not as destructive, (generally), as a dog, cats can and do pull toys apart.

Then they eat the bits. Make sure that the components of the toy are non toxic and have no sharp parts that can cut your cat.

Technology innovation is being applied to cat toys. There are toys being introduced such as laser pointers and even remote controlled mice.

The problem with these is that most cats and kittens dislike the noise of the motor so remote control toys are not a big hit.

On the other hand a laser pointer is a huge hit, your cat will chase that elusive red dot all over the house for as long as you can stand it.

Beware, this can be frustrating for the cat though, as it can’t get its claws into anything so it can have an affect on your cat’s behavior over time.

To relax, what better than to put on a special cat video. Now your cat can sit and watch TV. These video’s and DVD’s are supposed to be very effective but do you really want to turn your cat into a TV addict?

The secret to keeping your cats happy and healthy is to continually challenge them physically and mentally. Don’t forget that cats like to jump and climb too.

Some of the best toys are designed to be played with in 3 dimensions and you’ll be amazed by the acrobatics that your cat can perform.

Use your imagination too. Try putting two toys together to make a new toy. Become creative and play with your cat on a regular basis.

This helps strengthen the bond between your cat and you, keeps her mentally stimulated and physically fit. Your Reward will be hours of fun and pleasure and a fit healthy cat.

Giving Your Cat the Safest Place to Come Back To

When one thinks about cats as pets, the image that comes to mind is of a big furry cat lying down in his cat bed with a big plate of milk by his side.


Cats have been known to be lazy, aristocratic interior house pets but that is not necessarily a rule.

Most cats are very active, natural born hunters, who like to wander freely. For those, you might want to consider acquiring outdoor cat houses.

Many owners, when they have the habitation facilities for it, choose to give their cats the liberty to live outside and enjoy the freedom of having somewhere safe and comfortable to come back to when they feel tired of wandering.

A great way to keep your cat coming back after his adventures is by providing them with comfortable outdoor cat houses.

If you own a big house with a spacious garden, outdoor cat houses might be the way to provide with cat with proper housing in a safe environment.

Outdoor cat houses should be very sturdy and safe; preferably made of durable non toxic materials. They should protect your cat from rain, cold, wind and snow if it comes to that.

On the other hand, they should not be excessively warm and they should be able to adapt to warmer weather. Remember that the cat should always feel conformable inside his own house, so he won’t need to wander outside in order to find a comfortable place to stay.

Most outdoor cat houses are made of isolated wood, which should have received a specific treatment to make them water and wind proof.

They usually contain vinyl doors, in order to make it easy for your cat to go in and out and still keep the outdoor cat house warm and protected.

The floor should also be taken care of in a proper way, in order to isolate the complete house. If you really want to add a special treat to your cat, you will be amazed at the amount of outdoor cat house toys you can find,

to put inside your new cat house and give your cat another good reason to keep coming back to his safe place.

Other popular outdoor cat houses include models made of synthetic materials that are specifically fabricated to withstand very cold or very warm weather.

When buying synthetic outdoor cat houses make sure they are not made of toxic materials and that they are actually safe for your cat.

There are several outdoor cat houses available in the market today, and by doing a market research you will see you can find the perfect one within your budget as they come in all sizes and types of finishing’s.

You can go for a more modest version or, if you have the financial means, there are several luxury outdoor cat house models available.

Cats are free and independent animals. They are feline hunters by nature and they were not made to be kept inside the house at all times. Keep your cat happy by providing him the opportunity to be free and safe at the same time.

If he knows that by coming back he will find a perfect and safe place to be, he won’t need to go wondering for comfort. Outdoor cat houses are a great choice for the true cat lovers.

Responsible cat breeders produce better cats

It is your youngest son’s birthday and you want to give him a pet that will be sociable and one that will fit in with your household. You decided that a cat would be a good idea. But how does one go about choosing a pet cat?

First you have to do some research on the breed of cat that interests you, or that would fit your son or your family’s personality.

Most people will give a cat one look and they have already decided. Of course, a nice-looking cat would be a welcome treat but the choice of cat should not only be based on its looks but also on its temperament.

Consider if there are children in the household and research what breed of cats are friendly and are easy to groom and to take care of? And then decide whether you would like to get a kitten or an older cat.

Once you have decided on the breed of cat, then look for legitimate cat breeders who can supply you with the cat you require.

Try to attend cat shows and ask for a recommendation. It also helps to read the newspapers or surf the internet since most breeders have their own sites.

Buying a cat from a responsible cat breeder will not ensure you have a purebred cat but will guarantee that you are getting a healthy cat.

You can also ask about retired breeders as they can sell at lower prices. Cats purchased from retired breeders are often better than kittens as they are probably already neutered, of high quality and they can easily adjust to their new home.

Responsible breeders will not sell very young kittens that are not yet weaned. Also choose a breeder who will provide a health guarantee for the kitten as well as complete papers and registration.

Tips in finding cat breeders

1. To get good cat breeders, make sure to talk to people who may have purchased animals from the same breeders as they can give you insights as to how responsible the breeder is.

2. Ask the breeder for references and go check on these references.
3.Check a cat breeders cattery list because if the breeder has lots of available kittens, then it may mean that the breeder is having a hard time finding homes for these kittens and the reason may be significance to you.
4. Make sure the breeder can give you the cat registration, health records and pedigree records.

cat‘s lifespan is normally 20 years or more, depending on the care it is given. Choosing a responsible breeder will make your cat not only healthier, but live longer.

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