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keys to making your baby pet safe

keys to making your baby pet safe

keys to making your baby pet safe Which would you choose your baby or your pet? Not really a hard choice to make, any parent would choose their child over anything. Sacrifice is after all, a requirement at parenthood.

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But what if there is a possibility of having both, babies and pets? For a pet lover, this would be heavenly. Fortunately, this kind of heaven is possible here on earth. Just read the following and you will realize you can have your pet while taking care of your baby safely.

Taking care of pets at home takes dedication from you. You have to feed your pet, bathe them, spend time with them and buy treats for them. Many people who have no child of their own often end up taking care of pets like dogs and cats at home.

This is because a pet can be as cute, cuddly and dependent like a child. This is why it can be a dilemma if you introduce a baby in the home with pets or vice versa.

keys to making your baby pet safe 2021

You need to know what will be the best thing to do to keep everything under control. Mixing baby and pet doubled the responsibility coupled with some risks.

You don’t only need to take care of the baby you have to take care of your pet too to keep everything balance.

There are two instances for this situation and each needs a certain approach. Either you are bringing the baby in or brining a new pet it, you need to know how to deal with the changes to keep your baby, and pets too, safe with each other’s company.

Now we come to the point wherein you’d have to introduce your baby to the pet. When you came from the hospital with baby in tow, your pet might feel neglected and will feel jealous of your baby.

That is why you need to be vigilant and do the following to make your pet realize your baby is not a threat.

What you can do is let your pet smell your baby’s items like clothes, pillow and blanket even before the baby is still at the hospital. Make a record your baby’s sounds as well and let your pet hear it.

If your pet, especially if you have a big dog, becomes upset, consult your veterinarian for possible safety issues.
Then make sure you set a new schedule for your pet before your baby is born.

This schedule must be something you think you can keep up when your baby arrive. Put your pet on a pen or leash when your baby comes home from the hospital.

If your pet gets excited to see you, let other people hold your baby and greet your pet properly. When all the excitement passed, set your let your pet free to investigate. Spend the same quality time with your pet once your baby is home.

Finally, it’s time to introduce your pet to the little one. If you don’t have a pet and wants to have one at home, you really need to think about this carefully especially when you have a baby to take care of.

You need to understand that your first and foremost concern is the safety of your baby. If you introduce a pet to your baby at home, make sure you have the following covered. keys to making your baby pet safe

Keys To Making Your Baby & Pet Safe 2022

Don’t let your baby get too excited and play with the new pet. Be in control of your baby’s hands and hold them while teaching her or him to pat the new pet, dogs or cats, gently. Don’t force petting your pet if it doesn’t want to. keys to making your baby pet safe


Give your new pet the needed space. You need to introduce the pet to a new environment too and must not be traumatized with your baby. It is likely that your new pet will get upset from your baby’s crawling or mobility.

So set a space where your pet can relax without your baby invading it. Also, don’t let your baby catch or corner your new pet. Always provide escape route for your pets. Let your pet associate rewards with your baby. If your pet plays with your baby, award him with treats like favorite snacks and toys.

Standard Dog Training
Standard Dog Training

Give your baby space where pets do not and cannot invade. You also need to watch out for aggressive signs. See if your pet is interested or nervous with your baby. As much as possible, spend some time with your pet to prevent any jealously to develop. keys to making your baby pet safe

Never let your pet, no matter how gentle, be alone with your infant baby, asleep, awake, crawling on bed or floor or in the carrier.


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