SNUGGLE-PUP FOR PETS Heartbeat Pet Toy: Our plush toy has a built-in heartbeat device, imitating the real heartbeat, helping pets transition to a new home



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1、Heartbeat Pet Toy: Our plush toy has a built-in heartbeat device, imitating the real heartbeat, helping pets transition to a new home, reducing the pressure caused by fireworks and thunderstorms.

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2、True Feeling: Pets use the warmth of a soft body and the beating heartbeat of “True Feeling” to rebuild intimacy, reduce pets tension, anxiety and bad behaviors.

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3、2*AAA batteries Use: Need 2*AAA batteries, which are not included. The heartbeat device can be used continuously for about 300h, accompanied by pets for a long time to sleep.

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4、Soft and Comfortable Material: Made of soft and comfortable fabric, cats and dogs can snuggle beside it to rest, just like it feels with moms.
5、Removable Cleaning: Just take out the heartbeat device and the cloth cover can be cleaned.

1. Heartbeat Pet Toy: Our plush toy has a built-in heartbeat device, imitating the real heartbeat, helping pets transition to a new home, reducing the pressure caused by  thunderstorms.

2. True Feeling: Pets use the warmth of a soft body and the beating heartbeat of “True Feeling” to rebuild intimacy, reduce pets tension, anxiety and bad behaviors.

3. 2*AAA batteries Use: Need 2*AAA batteries, which are not included. The heartbeat device can be used continuously for about 300h, accompanied by pets for a long time to sleep.

4. Soft and Comfortable Material: Made of soft and comfortable fabric, cats and dogs can snuggle beside it to rest, just like it feels with moms.

5. Removable Cleaning: Just take out the heartbeat device and the cloth cover can be cleaned.
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Style: dog, lamb, hippo
Size: about 20*35*18cm/7.87*13.78*7.09in

Material: high quality plush, PP cotton and built-in heartbeat machine
Function: appease, companion, relieve pet stress anxiety, etc.
Suitable pets: pets such as cats and dogs
Battery: 2*AAA (not included)

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EASE YOUR PUPS LONELINESS, FEAR, AND SEPARATION ANXIETY. NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS FOR YOU OR YOUR PUP Helps puppies sleep through the night so you can get back to the quality sleep you deserve.
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Helps puppies transition to their new homes. Great for crate training. Keeps pets calm during thunderstorms and fireworks REAL-FEEL PULSING HEARTBEAT Snuggle Pup recreates mother intimacy with a beating heart making your puppy feel at home.

Over Two Decades of Comforting Pets

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CALM PUPPY WITHIN MINUTES. Designed with super soft material providing soothing comfort for your fur baby while preventing whining and barking. INVEST IN A COMPANION FOR YOUR PUPPY!


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Whether they’re new to the family, or perhaps just going through a tough time, Snuggle Puppy® is designed to provide comfort and helps relieve anxiety in your four-legged friend.

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Helps Puppies Sleep Through The Night

● Reduces Stress and Anxiety

● Comes with Real-feel Heartbeat®and Heat Pack

● Great for Crate Training

● Helps Pets Transition to Their New Home

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