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best A Summer Garden for the Birds

best A Summer Garden for the Birds

There are many reasons to create a summer garden the best however, as most gardeners are well aware is for your personal enjoyment.

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For bird lovers everywhere it is quite possible to have a fabulous summer garden that appeals to the bird lover in them as much as a lover of beauty that exists within us all (there are of course a few disagreements along the way as to what beauty is and is not).

If you are a bird lover you should seriously consider making efforts to make your summer garden more attractive to your fine feathered friends.

There are several ways this goal may be accomplished. First of all birds like water. They need to drink water and they actually enjoy playing in the water.

A Summer Garden for the Birds
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

With this in mind make sure there is some sort of water source available for the birds to enjoy in your summer garden. Some excellent choices would be a water fountain, a goldfish pond, or a waterfall.

The key in this is to make sure that the water source is not a stagnate water source as you want to attract birds and not mosquitoes. Other than that, have fun creating a neat place for your bird pals to frolic and play.

As far as attracting specific birds, you will need to research the specific birds you are interested in attracting to your summer garden and plant accordingly.

The variations are virtually limitless and far too numerous to include in this brief overview. Be sure to invest some degree of time when planning your garden to check into favorite birds and the flowers or trees they prefer.

A Summer Garden for the Birds
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

You should also take the time to study their predators and avoid creating a friendly atmosphere for the predators to hang out in your summer garden while you are doing your research.

Another way to attract birds to your summer garden is by creating an environment in which they feel safe and at home.

Plant trees that these birds favor for building nests or place birdhouses in your garden that will provide a great potential home for these birds to make their own.

In addition to planting flowers and trees that will attract various birds to your summer garden you should also take care to attract food to your summer garden for these desirable birds as well.

best Tips For Attracting Birds To Your Backyard
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

If you aren’t sure about attracting food for the birds you might want to consider providing food for these birds you are hoping to draw into your summer garden.

You can accomplish this by filling bird feeders (make sure you use feeders that are designed to prevent squirrels from stealing the food intended for your birds) with foods that attract the birds you are most interested in attracting to your lawn.

There is no right or wrong way to create a peaceful and relaxing summer garden. If you wish to add to your enjoyment of your garden it is quite possible to do this by taking a few extra steps and landscaping with the birds you enjoy watching in mind.

The steps above will help make your garden an attractive place to favorite birds to play and build their homes. Incorporate them all into your summer garden for best results and the opportunity to live in harmony with the birds you enjoy watching.

Choosing Among the Best Exotic Pet Birds

Exotic birds are among the most popular pets to keep. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, with their brilliantly colored feathers, many pet owners find them easier to take care of than, say, a fuzzy cat or a rowdy dog.

pexels cristina andrea alvarez cruz 2850833

However, choosing among the best exotic pet birds is rather confusing because there are several species to choose from. Here are some of the most popular exotic pet:

Sun Conures – these birds are popular among the medium-sized variety. They grow to about 12 inches in length, requiring less living space than large parrots.

The feathers of Sun Conures are tinted with brilliant hues of orange, yellow, red, green, and blue. Like parrots, Sun Conures can learn how to speak, however they can become quite vocal and noisy.

They scream and screech and may not be ideal for those living in apartments buildings. Sun Conures usually live to around 20 to 35 years.

African Grays – these birds are considered to be among the most loquacious among exotic birds, they can acquire a vocabulary of up to 2,000 words.

These birds are also rather intelligent, but they can get demanding and easily bored. However, African Greys can also be quite affectionate – perfect for owners who want sensible companions. They may live from 50 to 70 years.

Budgerigars – these are the most common among the pet birds and serve as good introduction to owning feathered pets.

Budgies can be good pets for children and are quite attractive with a great variety of colors. They also require a relatively small space, while being quite easy to maintain.

Though they can typically learn only few words, they are intelligent enough to be able to sing and whistle tunes. Budgerigars may live from 12 to 14 years.

Parrotlets – these are among the smallest varieties of parrots. While parrotlets may be feisty they are quite intelligent just like their giant cousins.

Parrotlets are also rather quiet compared to other exotic birds and thus they are ideal for owners who live in apartments or duplexes. The average parrotlet grows only to about 5 inches and lives to about 20 years.

Cockatiels – many find the medium-sized cockatiel as delightful pets. They also belong to the parrot family, and are known to be intelligent.

Cockatiels usually just whistle or mimic random sounds, but they can also learn how to talk. They come in different combinations of color and can be quite attractive members of a home. Cockatiels usually live from 15 to 20 years.

There are many more exotic pet birds and it is best to consult with a breeder to find the best one for you.

Get Your Birds a Unique Bird House Online

When you really want to get something special for your feathered friends, getting them a special nest box can be rewarding. You can have your very own unique bird house with adequate research.

best A Summer Garden for the Birds
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

Bird Houses are usually made of wood. There are also other materials that can be used namely; concrete, plastic, resin, ceramics and other synthetic materials.

Having a unique bird house is really not that hard to acquire with the help of the internet. Online pet shops cater to many unique bird house designs.

But having to consider their needs first and making other alteration for the design will be your priority. The size of the nest box must be suited to the specific species of birds.

Whatever the unique kind of design you want, you need to know their needs; from the size of the hole, size of the house, placement, and other specifications, if it meets their requirements, thinks of its needs first, then you can get a customized design for them.

Almost all common bird house design are of cubed, many have sloped roofs. Pet shop owners can have a variety of uniquely designed bird houses for your pets, just don’t be impulsive.

Choose and compare the things you might find, fortunately they are always stocked so you wont have to worry much if you chose the online method of purchasing your pets’ nest box.

Get your pets a unique home

• There is also intricately painted bird houses, often being hand painted. They are perfect for a unique bird house. Most of them have a brown themed paint.

However, there are colors which can customize your pets’ house. You can also paint them yourself; just make sure u use latex paint for easier washing.

• Bird houses come with intricate designs. Most of them have a unique detailed roof and vivid colors. You can always get some of them online.

Getting to choose from a variety can always be good when selecting and getting your ideal design of your customized bird house.

• There are also customized houses for your pets; there are designs of nest boxes’ mimicking farms, boats, windmills, cottages and other themes that are rare.

With many unique designs, there are even designs that look like diners. They can be brightly painted. This can always be inviting to birds and a splendid eye candy for pet owners.

• Custom Sculptures from outside your pets’ house are also being sold, you can find rare designs along the internet and dedicated online pet shops for your birds.

There are also bird houses that can have another purpose when installed; you can always get the best ones with good research online.

It is not really that hard to get a unique design. When you really want to get more out of your designs, you can get some help within pet lovers’ forums and they can refer you to unique design dealers.

With wild and domestic birds, a unique bird house can enhance its lifestyle within your own backyard. With the addition of a nice ornament to your home or garden, a unique bird house can get more attention than regular nest boxes.

You pet can thank you with their company and chirping. You can always enhance them and tweak their houses to your hearts’ content.

Do you feed the birds in your garden?

Putting a bird feeder in your garden is a very kind thing to do. It is getting harder and harder for birds to find food in urban areas

best A Summer Garden for the Birds
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

– not only in winter, but all year round – and so bird feeders can often save their lives. They are also great for birdwatching, if that’s what you’re into, especially if you leave the bird feeder in the same place for a long time so that the birds start to remember where it is.

But what kind of bird feeder should you get? The simplest bird feeders are just tables for you to put food on, but the food you put on these is easily stolen by squirrels, who will keep coming back for more and burying it all over your garden.

You should consider a cage feeder, where the food is inside a cage so that birds need to use their beaks to get it, or perhaps a feeder with a specially-designed perch that will collapse under the weight of a squirrel.

However, both of these options can be impractical if you want to feed larger birds, so you need to consider whether it’s really worth it or if you might as well just put out more food.

The other thing you should think about is what you’re going to put in your bird feeder. Obviously this depends mainly on what kind of birds you expect to attract.

Most birds will prefer seeds such as millet, but meat-eating birds will prefer ‘bird cake’ and a few birds like hummingbirds want a mixture of sugar and water (a kind of substitute nectar).

Some birds also like to eat fruit, so you might try leaving pieces of apple or orange in the mixture as well. If you’re not sure which birds will come, then the best thing to do is to have a little of everything at first, and then see what is popular.

How To Attract Birds With Window Bird Feeders

One of the great things about having a backyard garden is all the birds that are attracted by the plants. If you don’t have enough space to have a garden in your backyard,

best Hummingbird Feeders
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

there are still ways to attract birds. Window bird feeders are a great way to do this, even if you don’t have any yard space at all.

There are plenty of different sizes and styles of bird feeders, each designed for a different type of bird. You can also choose different types of food to attract different varieties of birds to your windowsill.

These feeders are usually made with a one-way mirror so you can see through it to watch the birds but they see a reflection so they’re not scared by having you watching them.

These feeders can be refilled quite easily from the window, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to refill them. This is especially useful if you live in an apartment or townhouse and are on an upper floor.

There are various ways to mount these bird feeders. Some have suction cups and stick to your window, others clip into the window frame.

The ones that clip into the window frames are generally a better choice because they are a little more secure, but the suction cups used on birdfeeders are better than most, and it’s rare that they lose their grip.

These birdfeeders are made from a number of different materials as well, the most common being cedar and polycarbonate plastic. They are both resistant to the weather, however cedar is nice because it can be painted or decorated however you wish.

Some birds are attracted to certain colors so if you want to attract a specific species, being able to paint your feeder is helpful.

Bird House Kit: Taking Care of Pet Birds

Birds are among the animals that people prefer to pet or to take care of. These feathered creatures are not only being a mere house design for most people. Most people use birds for therapeutic purposes.

best A Summer Garden for the Birds
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

As you may know, birds are said to provide many benefits to their caretakers. For some reasons, birds are known to ease people’s emotional problems.

These feathered animals provide a relaxing feeling to their viewers, which make a person forget about his or her daily stress. Their marvelous feather color combination will make a person feel not only relaxed but also astonished or awed.

However, birds are fragile creatures. When taken away from their natural habitat, they, themselves become distressed, which often lead to their demise. Therefore, if you want to have a pet bird, it is important for you take real good care of them.

Now, when aiming to give your pet bird a better life it is important to make your bird house as comfortable for your pet bird as possible.

Now, in order to make this happen, you will need to put in a bird house kit. These kits were developed or made in order to make your pets’ lives easier.

There are many types of a bird house kit. Most of these types were made to cater to birds of various types. There is also a type of bird house kit that caters to the needs of only one type of bird.

And there is some of this bird house kit that answers to the needs of a different variety of birds.

Some bird house kits are also made in order to protect birds from all sorts of dangers like heavy winds, storms and of course, birds‘ natural predators.

They can also help avoid parasites from living into the nests of birds which are the number one cost why eggs don’t hatch and why birds die.

A bird house kit would be usually made of wood cedar. Why? Well, because this type is water resistant. This is also among the durable type of materials used for making a bird house kit.

Many people prefer to make their own bird house kit. Actually, making them is really easy. You just have to be able to read and follow instructions and who’s not capable of doing that, right?

However, if you want a highly effective bird house kit, it would be much better to just buy one from a pet store or even in the internet. House kits for birds are usually inexpensive so there’s really no need for you to worry about overspending or from running out of budget.

Plus, there’s no need for you to sweat yourself off just so your bird house can become more beautiful. Most of the bird house kits that you’ll find in pet stores are very stylish. They can help make your bird houses look more astonishing.

You can make your bird houses have classic or modern look. Kits for birdhouses that look like space shuttles, lighthouses and etc are also available in stores. Most bird house kits are designed to trick your bird into thinking that it is in its natural habitat.

They help make birds feel more relaxed, thus, in a way these house kits also help birds become much healthier and more pleasing to look at.

How To Make Interesting Can Feeders For Birds

If you love birds, you are likely to have at least one lovely bird feeder outside your window. It is great to sit and watch the birds feed throughout the day.

best A Summer Garden for the Birds
best A Summer Garden for the Birds

The entire process is one that can be relaxing and enriching. Sometimes stopping tasks long enough to enjoy simple things like birds can really take the stress out of your day and allow you to live a happier life.

Birds are a beautiful part of nature that you can enjoy for free. With everything costing these days, it is a blessing to have wonderful animals at our fingertips. To attract birds to your area however you should set up an environment that they are attracted to.

By making interesting bird feeders, you can create art while catering to the birds in your area. Remember, birds enjoy feeders all year long in some areas, so don’t forget about them in the winter months. Use these fun ideas to begin making your bird feeders today.

Sometimes the best feeders for birds are made from the simplest items. You can begin by using an empty coffee can.

Clean the inside of the can and strip the label from the outside. At this point, you can choose to paint the can if you like, but leave the inside unpainted.

Colors of red, yellow, and orange will attract some bird species. Other species may not care what color your bird feeder is, as they have no known color preferences.

After the paint dries completely, find a hard plastic plate that will allow the can to fit nicely in its center.

Before attaching the can however, you will need to cut a few holes into it. The first hole should be at the top edge of the can.

This will allow the food to spill out when the can is upside down. The next hole should be at the bottom of the can, in the center.

This will allow you to fill the can with seed when it is turned upside down. After cutting the holes, turn the can upside down onto the middle of the plate and use super glue or a hot glue gun to glue the two together. There should be a rim of plate around the can to give the birds something to perch upon.

When you are finished, you will need to find a way to attach the feeder to your tree or other area. If the feeder is just sitting on a stump or a porch, then you can skip this step. If you want the feeder to hang from a tree, you will need a small chain and S hook.

You can cut another hole in the can to loop the chain through and attach the S hook at the end of the chain. Then attach your feeder to the tree. If your feeder is really light weight, you can also use fishing line to attach it to the tree.

Be sure to clean out the feeder for the birds at least once every two weeks. This will allow the feeder to be fresh and appealing and keep the birds coming to your home. You can refill the feeder as needed.

If you fill the feeder and attract no birds, you may want to change the type of seed you filled it with. Some birds prefer specific types of seeds,

so you can try this to attract more birds. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life that nature has to offer!

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