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best Where To Place The Bird Bath

Where To Place The Bird Bath

When it comes to providing a place for birds in your area to splash, bathe, play, and drink,

a bird bath can please both the feathered and human inhabitants of the property. Bird baths serve as a huge draw to entice birds of all types to your yard, and in turn,

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the birds receive a necessary place to refresh themselves on hot summer days or chilly winter nights. Before you purchase a bird bath,

first consider where you will place the bird bath in your yard or garden to ensure the specific style you wish will fit the outdoor space.

You have countless options when it comes to where to place a bird bath, but the most popular places include:

• Decks or Porches: If you do not have a great deal of space in your yard, or do not have a yard at all, consider purchasing a bird bath that affixes to the railings on a deck of porch.

In addition to having the bird bath close to reach for refilling, installing a bird bath on your deck or porch will allow you to enjoy the birds that flock to your bath up close and personal.

• Up in the Trees: What better place to put a bath for your birds than up in the trees? Choose a hanging bird bath that will suspend in your trees so that your birds will not have to leave home to get a drink of water or take a bath.

Consider hanging a bird bath near a window so that you can enjoy the birds while they splish and splash. However,

keep in mind that bird baths will need to be cleaned and refilled, so avoid hanging a bird bath too far out of your reach so that you will not be able to properly maintain the bath.

• In Your Garden: If space permits, consider creating a sanctuary for the birds in your area. Use stylish bird baths to add style and flair to your yard or garden.

Since running water is popular with birds, often enticing them to visit your bird bath over a neighbor’s bird bath, use a fountain bird bath to add a special touch.

In addition to enticing the birds in your area, the tranquil sound of running water will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space and relax in your garden.

• Under the Trees: Since many birds seek the shelter of bird baths to escape from summer’s oppressive heat, placing a bird bath under the shade of trees in your yard will further entice birds to your area.

However, keep in mind that the leaves and other debris from the trees can cause the bird bath to become dirty quicker so that it requires cleaning more frequently.

Also, the blocked view from the trees may not allow you to see the birds that visit your yard and enjoy the bird bath. Generally, individuals choose to place bird baths in open places to prevent hassles associated with frequent cleanings.

• Near Your Home: Watching birds frolic will allow you to relax and unwind in your own home. Place your bird bath near a window that will allow you to oversee your feathered friends.

Great places to watch birds include the kitchen, living room, bed room, or home office. Imagine taking a break from work to enjoy watching the birds or watching the flock while washing dishes in your kitchen.

Wherever you decide to place your bird bath in your yard or garden, remember the reason: to entice birds to your yard. Furthermore, consider the great variety of styles and sizes that will allow you to find a bath that matches your personal tastes.

How To Clean A Bird Bath

Just like any other piece of outdoor equipment, your bird bath will need to be cleaned time to time. In order to prevent your fine feathered friends from becoming ill,

best Where To Place The Bird Bath
best Where To Place The Bird Bath

be sure to clean your bird bath at least a couple times each season, especially if you regularly store you bird bath during the winter months.

Also, it is critical you use bird-friendly cleaning products, as those used to clean pools or pond can potentially cause birds to become sick or even die due to the chlorine and other chemicals in these harsh cleaning agents.

When cleaning your bird bath, follow these five easy steps to ensure the bath is clean and ready for your local birds to bathe and play.

1.) Empty the bath: Tip the bird bath to the side or remove the drain plug on the underside of the bird bath. Ensure you remove all dirt, leaves, and other debris that may be in the bath before continuing.

2.) Rinse the bath: Use a water hose (preferably one with a high-pressure nozzle) to spray the bird bath down. You may need to do this a couple times until the water draining from your bird bath is clear.

3.) Scrub the bath: Take a stiff brush and begin to scrub the bird bath. For algae or any stubborn stains, mix up a weak bleach solution.

Mix three-fourths cup of bleach into one gallon of water, then scrub the bird bath well. Be sure not to use a stronger solution or any other chemicals or cleaners on your bird bath.

Also, avoid using common dish soap to clean your bird bath, as any algae growing in the basin will not be killed.

4.) Soak the bath: If your bird bath is especially dirty or has a large amount of algae growth, let the bleach solution sit in the basin of the bath.

Be sure to cover the bird bath with a piece of wood or plastic so that birds will not mistake the solution for water.

After allowing the solution to sit approximately 15 minutes, scrub the basin again with the brush. If the basin is still not clean, repeat this step using fresh solution.

5.) Rinse the bath: After your bath is clean, be sure to thoroughly rinse the bleach solution from the basin. If any bleach is allowed to remain in the bird bath, the birds that bath from the basin may potentially fall ill.

Many bird bath owners choose to keep their bird bath covered for a couple of hours so that fresh water can sit in the basin.

6.) Refill the bath: Once the bird bath is clean and thoroughly rinsed, refill the basin with clean, fresh water.

Different Types Of Bird Baths

Bird baths are an excellent way to attract wild birds of all types into your yard. In addition to drawing your fine feathered friends close, a bird bath can add a decorative touch to any outdoor space.

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best Where To Place The Bird Bath

Available in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and budgets, there is the perfect bird bath out there for you!

When looking for a bird bath to occupy space in your yard or garden, first consider the different types of baths on the markets.

These unique types of bird baths vary depending on your area and the species of birds that you are trying to attract. The most popular types of bird baths currently on the market are:

• Pedestal: These types of bird baths are the most common the market and are usually thought of as the traditional types of bird baths.

However, although the type of bath may be common, the designs range from the traditional to the extraordinary.

Available in all shapes and sizes, pedestal bird baths can anywhere from modest baths to outrageous sculptures that function as great as they look.

• Heated: Although it may seem silly to heat water for your local birds, this extra is important for those living in cold weather.

Instead of your bird bath freezing over when Old Man Winter comes calling or having to repeatedly break the ice on the surface of your bird bath, the heated models ensure the water never freezes and is always available for the birds.

The heater uses minimal electricity or solar power to heat the water and is perfectly safe to accommodate all of your flying friends.

• Fountains: Birds love the sound of running water, so consider choosing a bird bath that doubles as a fountain. In addition to attracting birds, the beauty and relaxing found of the bird bath fountain will add to any garden or yard.

Furthermore, these fountains are a good deal more attractive than a typical bird bath, so the style may fit into that of your home or outdoor space.

• Hanging: Perfect for those with limited yard space, choose a hanging bird bath instead of a pedestal bath. These baths can easily hang from an apartment balcony or your favorite tree to provide a bit of enjoyment for all types of birds.

Some bird baths are convertible between hanging and standing bird baths, so this option may be perfect for individuals wanting the most options.

• Deck Mount: Another space saver, deck mounted bird baths are excellent for homes short of yard space. Also, deck mounted baths can be set up directly outside a window so that you can enjoy the birds while in the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, deck mounted styles are perfect for children, who can enjoy the presence of your local birds up close and personal.

Give Someone A Bird Bath

Ever since I can remember I have loved buying special gifts and presents for the people in my life. I love nothing more than surprising someone I care about with something I know they will love.

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best Where To Place The Bird Bath

I try to match potential gifts to people that I know would really enjoy the gift, for there is nothing worse than giving or receiving a gift that just doesn’t match a personality. I recently gave a bird bath to my father for his birthday and I quickly realized that it was the perfect gift.

My father has loved everything about birds since I can remember. We were always reading the latest books or magazines on species of birds and on the noises they made, the foods they ate, and where they were most likely to migrate to and from during the winter.

My father was constantly quizzing our entire family on different bird noises. He even bought a tape that was supposed to help you learn your bird noises and be able to distinguish them from one another. I had never seen my father own a bird bath, however, and I decided before his last birthday that it was about time to add that to his collection.

He was so overwhelmed by my gift of the bird bath that tears came to his eyes. He thanked me for getting him something that he truly loved and he said that it.

would be something he treasured for as long as he was able to enjoy his birds. I felt with his thanks the feeling I always get when I am able to bless a loved one or friend with a gift that is truly them and that they will honestly love.

If you are looking to give a great gift to give a bird lover in your life, then look no further than getting a great bird bath.

bird bath is the perfect gift for bird lovers because it allows even more birds to come near their home and to make friends with them.

You can find great deals on a bird bath and most gardening or home improvement stores. You can even do an online search to learn more about potential places and kinds of bird baths to give as gifts.

Don’t rush into making a bird bath purchase unless you have to. If you have time, take it and look around at a variety of places for the perfect bird bath.

They come in many styles and many price ranges. Search until you find something great and then enjoy the look on your loved one’s face when they unwrap a gift that they’ll love forever.

The Advantages of Solar Bird Baths

The advantages of solar birdbaths far outweigh any fuss or muss associated with their installation. First of all solar powered bird baths are not very hard to install as they do not really require any extra plumbing or wiring.

best Where To Place The Bird Bath
best Where To Place The Bird Bath

They are also very economical as they harness the power of the sun’s rays to naturally heat the water in the bird bath. Needless to say, this type of bird bath, which
usually features a running fountain in the center as well, can save you tons of money when it comes to your energy bills.

There are several types of solar bird baths on the market including ones that run a circulating fountain in the window to keep the water from freezing in the winter and ones that have a cover to prevent other animals from getting into the bath water.

The one component that all solar bird baths on the market have in common is the solar panel that provides energy for its operation.

One of the advantages of solar bird baths is that the birds always have access to fresh circulating water. This running water is better for them to bathe and drink, as it is less likely to contain bacteria and viruses.

A solar powered panel located in the bowl powers a pump in the reservoir hidden in the base. The pump then efficiently circulates the water, which prevents it from stagnating. This means the water won’t go green, smell or attract too many mosquitoes.

Another advantage of solar bird baths is that they do not require a cord or any wiring. This means that they can be placed anywhere on a lawn without you having to worry about a power source.

All that matters is that they must be placed on a flat stable surface to make sure that the water flows through the bird bath‘s fountain pump smoothly and does not splash.

The fact that these solar powered bird baths can be placed anywhere in a yard is also a boon for landscape architects as well as people who forget to unplug ordinary birdbaths when they mow the lawn.

Yet another benefit of owning a solar operated bird bath is that it is relatively inexpensive. The fact that it is heated water helps birds have a constant source of water in winter climates.

You can also use a small heater in tandem with the solar bird bath to make sure that the birds stay hydrated and warm.

In terms of maintenance some types of solar bird baths may need their solar panels removed in the winter and replaced with a non-solar insert during the winter months. This is particularly recommended if you live in a climate here there is no sun at all.

However if you live in a climate with a lot of cold, yet unny days, you may not need to do this. The necessity of removing the solar panels and replacing it with a non solar insert is dependent on the recommendation of the manufacturer of the bird bath.

Like all pools or ponds, solar bird baths may also need regular cleaning. Seeding the bath with natural enzymes can help prevent algae and grime from staining the insides of the bird bath bowl.

Solar bird baths also appeal to more and a wider variety of birds. This is because most bird varieties are more attracted to water that is moving, than water that is standing.

It is easier for them to spot the moving water as they are winging their way over your yard. It is as if the birds instinctively know that moving water is healthier for them than still pools.

For this reason you are likely to see even more types of birds than you ever have seen before enjoying themselves in this type of bird bath.

Solar bird baths are also healthier for you and your family. This is because bird baths that have running water are less likely to attract mosquitoes that spread the West Nile virus.

In fact water that stands for three days is a great attractant for mosquitoes so if your solar bird bath malfunctions make sure you get it fixed quickly!

Almost 2,500 cases of West Nile virus are reported annually in the United States. Running a solar bird bath is one unique way that you can protect you and the birds from all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Attract Birds And Accent Your Patio Or Yard With A Bird Bath

Birds, especially wild ones, are a good source of entertainment and peace. Who has ever hated hearing the amusing chirps of the birds in the evening?

What’s even better is to see them hopping around your yard while you are in your pation, sipping your coffee and gearing yourself for a new day.

The absolute charm of birds never fails to entice many homeowners to keep on placing items to attract them to visit their backyards every so often.

If you are one of those who enjoy observing the beauty and amusement these little creatures give, one logical step is to put a bird bath in your yard.

Birds can put up one fun show while they are bathing and drying off in various manners. Some can do the bathing timidly, while some can be really gregarious.

1. The Depth of the Bathing Basin

Less than 3 inches; that should be the depth of the bathing basin. It should allow you ti fill it with only 2 inches or 5 centimeters of water.

Any deeper than that or you risk not having too many birds to enjoy and frequent your bird bath. Most songbirds prefer to hunker down in a depth that does not reach the bottom of their bellies.

2. The Surface of the Bottom of the Bathing Basin

It is advisable that you get a bird bath with a bottom that has a rough surface. This is because several bird bath bottoms are usually too slick that they don’t provide secure footing for birds.

This could be aggravated when a coat of algae forms on submerged surfaces. If you can’t find one that has a rough bottom surface, you can either use a sandpaper or hammer claws to rough it up before putting water on it.

This is applicable to plastic basins only, though. Or you can put some textured materials such as sand, pebbles, stones, and concrete to provide sure footing.

3. Buying Tips:

– Place your bath somewhere sunny, away from shrubs and trees, so birds can keep an eye out for the neighborhood cat or other predators

– Make sure that you place the bird bath somewhere it is visible and convenient for you. Your indoors views should be given consideration too

– Keep the bird bath close to a faucet for cleaning and refilling. Every 2-3 days in the summer, empty and scrub it to prevent the formation of algae and bacteria

– To keep the birds coming even during the winter, use birdbath heaters

– To attract more birds, provide something that will produce the sound of gently moving water. A simple dripping hose or an artificial water fall can be very good sources of that little water music

– Ensure constant supply of water or refill the bird bath consistently. When birds ran out of water source, they might go to dangerous places such as aircon units and even a pet water dish

– Don’t place bird baths under perchers or feeders. Droppings may fall into them that can cause the fouling of the water

4. The Fit of the Bird Bath on the Pedestal

If the basin does not fit securely on the pedestal, it will be subject to tipping by thirsty animals, i.e., raccoons, dogs, deer, or even bears.

It would be a great hassle to keep on picking up an overturned bird bath every morning. It could even get broken.

5. Your Budget

You don’t have to break the bank in getting a bird bath. It should provide you cheap entertainment, not a pile of bills unpaid.

Many furniture stores have bird baths that don’t pinch your wallet that much. Just shop around. It would be good to get a one-piece bird bath, or attach the basin to the pedestal with a waterproof adhesive.

You can also use weight to secure the base or simply sink it in the ground to avoid its getting tipped over.

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