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best Cat Breeds

Maine Coon Cat Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat.

There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history.

Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would care to consider:

Maine Coon Cat

The ancestry of these big, hearty cats from New England is unknown. Most likely they came across from Europe with the early settlers as working cats on the ships.

Some of these long haired ship cats apparently decided to disembark in the new world and made their home there along with the new colonists.

Winter in New England can be extremely tough. Only the strongest survived those early winters, human or cat. Once they settled in to their new homes,

these long haired cats began to thrive. The Shaggies, as they were called then, became a familiar part of colonial life throughout New England.

The Maine Coon Cat is a big, strong, intelligent cat. They are also very loving and devoted family members and remain very playful into old age. Maine Coon Cats do not seem to make snap decisions about people.

They remain somewhat reserved when they first meet new people or move into a new home. Once they have made their decision, they become affectionate and devoted companions. Maine Coon Cats also have an
unusual fascination with water.

They are known to dabble in their water dishes or play in
showers before the water has all run out. Once in a while, a cat will actually go

Maine Coon Cats are gentle giants in the cat world. Males can top out at 20lbs
while females can reach 12 lbs.

The size difference between the sexes is unusually large. The females are no pushovers despite their lack of size. They feel they are every bit as strong as the males and aren’t afraid to prove it.

These ladies can be quite feisty. Maine Coon Cats have broad chests with well muscled bodies and medium length legs.

This breed does not reach full maturity until they are four years old. This cat has an easy going and affectionate temperament.

The smallest part of this cat is its voice. Maine Coon Cats mspeak with a high squeaky voice that seems entirely incongruous coming from such a massive cat.

These cats chirp, cheep, chortle, and trill as well as meow. It’s quite an eye opener to hear a Maine Coon Cat speak.

These cats have thick semi long coats which are all-weather and water resistant as well. Fortunately, the Main Coon Cats coat does not tangle easily.

The texture is surprisingly silky. The most common coat color pattern is tabby though they can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The Main Coon Cat is a breed whose cheerful ways continue to charm people every day. Give the Main Coon Cat a closer look.

The breed is hardy and affectionate. This cats‘ laid back temperament would make an outstanding family pet. This cat may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.

Which Of These Cat Breeds Is The Right One For You?

There are many cat breeds out there. If you are like most people, you don’t know much about them. In order to help you to make a choice about breeds, here is some useful information.

Do you want a cat that can entertain himself and not get into mischief? Then don’t consider the Sphynx, the Rex, the British Angora and the Siamese.

These cats are energetic and seem to be looking for trouble. For those who are looking for a cat to provide them with entertainment, these are a good choice. The Rex is a silly cat as it will attempt to amuse you.

There are other important features to consider as well. For example, if you want a long haired or a short haired cat.

Those who do not have the time to groom the pet daily should not choose a long haired cat. Those who choose a long hair need to realize the commitment in taking care of that coat. If you do not, it can tangle and matt up and need to be shaven. And, it can pose a health risk too.

Vocal cats are often something that many people either consider or want nothing to do with. They can be quite noisy.

Many cat owners do not have a problem with them, others realize that communicating with them is necessary and that in some cases, it isn’t the right choice.

Vocal/Noisy Cat Breeds:




Quiet Cat Breeds:

American Curl

Scottish Fold


Attitude is your next determining factor. Some cats enjoy being held and cuddled while others want nothing to do with humans at all. Some cats want the attention while others do not. Choosing which the right one for you is a much is.

Affectionate Breeds are great for children:


Maine Coon




Himalayan Persian

Reserved Breeds:


Russian Shorthair

Norwegian Forest Cat

Lastly, choose if you would like to go with a kitten or an abandoned older cat. Remember that kittens need to be trained but that adult cats can already be set in their ways.

You can find many breeds of kittens to choose from at the local cat show and you can look for them at your local humane society as well. These cats need homes and these organizations are usually full to the brim with them.

I hope that you find this information useful and that it helps you find the perfect cat.

A Look At Cat Breeds

Over the last thousands of years, cats have pretty much handled their breeding themselves. In the beginning, they were used for one purpose – hunting and killing rodents.

best Cat Breeds
best Cat Breeds

As the years progressed, we began to breed cats more to our liking. Now days, there are several different breeds of cats – which you can tell if you look closely.

These days there are over 70 distinct cat breeds, which are recognized through cat registries. There are several registries that will recognize around 40 breeds or so,

as they exclude the more domestic breeds such as tigers. There are also many variations as well, including wild cats that have longer hair.

There are some cat breeds who have roots going back quite a bit in history. Some Japanese breeds, such as the Japanese Bobtail, can be traced back more than 1,000 years in history.

These cats were very common and well known throughout Medieval Japan. Now days though, they are all but a myth throughout Japan and the entire world.

The more common cat breeds that are found in North America include the alley cat, long haired cat, and Persian cat.

Siamese cats are also common, although they are well known to be destructive and to have a foul temper.

Persian cats are very popular, proving to be loving companions. Persian cats can be very expense, depending on where you get it and what type of Persian cat it is.

Alley cats are the most common in North America. There are actually several different breeds, although most of us just refer to them as alley cats.

They make good pets, although there are literally thousands of them in existence. Cats are known to breed more than any other pet, and they will continue to breed until they are stopped.

Alley cats are among the most bred, as there are hundreds of thousands of cats that are homeless – and have nothing to do but breed.

The look of the cat is the easiest way to tell what breed he or she may be. Some people choose to go by color, although color isn’t as easy to identify.

Different breeds of cats have different looks, such as the Siamese and Persian cats. Siamese cats are almost always black, and easy to identify by their color and their eyes. Persian cats on the other hand, are easily identified by their body type and their hair.

Over the years, there has been quite a few breeds come along. Cats were one of the first pets, and easily one of the most popular.

Millions of people around the world own cats, with many people preferring a cat over any other pet – including dogs. No matter breed of cat you get – you’re sure to get a pet who make for a great companion for years and years to come.

Overview of Cat Breeds

Cats were one of the last animals to be domesticated. They were first found in households in Egypt about 5000 years ago. Today they are the most popular house pets, outnumbering dogs by more than two to one.

Feline Behavior-More information on feline routines
best Cat Breeds

The earliest domestic cat was probably a Tabby, descended from the wild tabby cat.

The first cat show was held in London in 1871. There were 17 breeds listed at that show.
Currently there are 37 distinct breeds recognized in the United States.

Though dogs were initially bred to do specific jobs, such as pulling, hunting or herding; cats have been bred for looks alone. Unfortunately, the desired physical trait that is bred for may carry with it undesirable defects.

Manx cats (which are tailless) for example often are born with malformed urinary tracts.
Persians can have lethal defects of the eyes, nose and jaws.

Both Persians and Siamese have a high incidence of cleft palate. Blue-eyed white cats are often born deaf, and may be sickly in general.

Coat type, longhair or shorthair, is the first level in classifying cat breeds. After that each breed is divided into its accepted color classes.

The most common and most popular “breed” is not a breed at all, but the ordinary housecat, known as the domestic shorthair or the domestic longhair.

They are also commonly called tabby cats, though this term actually refers to specific markings and coloration.

Of the purebred cats, the currently most popular are the Persian, Maine Coon and the Siamese.

Unusual Cat Breeds

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat.

Tips About Cats Not Dogs
best Cat Breeds

There are many breeds that can be found in this country, each with its own characteristic appearance and temperament and history.

Think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would care to consider something a little bit different:

The Munchkin

When you think of the Munchkin, think of a cat that is built like a dachshund. A cat built with a long body and short legs.

Munchkins are a very recently developed breed. They have only been established since 1983. The foundation cat was a female named Blackberry who was rescued from dogs by school teacher Sandra Hochenedel.

Blackberry was a black cat with very short legs. Found pregnant, she passed on her unusual body type to her kittens.

Blackberry’s son, Toulouse, was left unaltered and it wasn’t long before there were a good number of short legged cats living around his owner’s home.

Strangely enough, Toulouse and his short legged sons had no trouble competing with standard toms for females.

In 1990 a study of the genetics of these short legged cats was conducted. The study found that only one copy of the short legged gene to create more cats with the same characteristic.

The spines of these cats were also examined because there were fears that they would have issues just like the low long bodies dog (e.g. dachshund) have.

Though nothing wrong was found at that time, judgment was reserved due to the extremely small population that existed at that time.

Munchkins were named for the little people in Wizard of Oz that Dorothy met when she first arrived in Oz. Breeders became interested in the quirky little Munchkin and began controlled breeding programs.

The Munchkin was first introduced to the public at the Madison Square Garden Cat Show. The breed has faced some opposition. There are people who believe that deliberately breeding for a mutation, even one that
occurred naturally, is ethically wrong.

The cats themselves seem unaware that they are in any way different from there long legged cousins. They self-assured, outgoing and mcurious in nature. Munchkins tend to be people-oriented and bond easily with their

Munchkins leap and play just like other cats. The only difference is they can’t
jump as high due to their short back legs.

The Sphynx

If you ever wondered what a cat would look like naked, look no further.

The Sphynx is virtually hairless. Sebaceous oils secreted by the skin are normally transferred to the fur in other breeds. The Sphynx requires regular wiping down to remove these oils to prevent skin infections.

This breed originated in 1975 as spontaneous mutation in a shorthaired litter. One
hairless kitten was born in that litter.

She was named Epidermis. The following year a hairless male was born. He was called Dermis. When bred to normal shorthaired cats, Epidermis produced normal kittens.

When Epidermis was bred to one of her sons, three hairless kittens resulted. The hairless gene was a recessive. Both parents must carry it in order for hairlessness to be expressed.

The breed was named after the great Sphynx monument of Egypt. The Sphynx cats are devoted, loyal companions, who love attention and will purr happily if their favorite person is near them.

They are very athletic and like to jump to high places or hang upside down from their climbing trees. Sphynx have strong personalities and don’t like being left alone. A feline companion will help to keep a Sphynx happy and occupied while you are gone.

These very unusual cats are not everyone’s’ cup of tea. Give these very different cats a closer look.

Their unique appearances and lively personalities might just make a great pet. These cats may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.

Part 2: Discover The Russian Blue Cats And Other Different Cat Breeds

As you will recall from Part 1 of this article the first question asked was; “Are Russian Blue Cats smarter than the other different cat breeds? The truth is many of their breeders and owners believe they are.

Animal feline Folklore Pet felines as Divine being
best Cat Breeds

However, their belief comes from the respect and love they have for their own personal pet . The following information will give you more information, so you can determine if the Russian Blue feline is smarter or not.

Most of the breeders and owners have no scientific data to back up their opinion. They tend to base this opinion on the fact of how loyal the animal is to them.

Also it’s amazing ability to attune itself to their adopted families moods at a moments notice. Thus leading them to think the animal can read their minds.

In addition the Russian Blue Cats have been known to learn how to open things such as windows and doors. They have also been known to play hide and seek, fetch and other parlor tricks.

Again this is a learned behavior on the part of the Archangel Blue. Many of the owners and breeders feel that only this breed is capable of such behavior. Not so!

Frankly, that is a false assumption on their part. A great percentage of the other different cat breeds are intelligent enough to be trained to do the same thing. It all comes down to the patience of the trainer and the willingness of the feline to learn the tricks.

But there is one thing which should be noted about the Russian Blue; it is extremely loyal to its owner and will go to great lengths to please them.

As you know cats can be very independent and act just the opposite from what the Archangel Blue does. However, one of the breeds which are very similar to the Russian Blue Cats is the Javanese.

This particular breed is considered to be extremely intelligent and extremely loyal to its master. The Javanese will respond to the mood of their master, by even attempting to communicate with different sounds.

Many of the owners and breeders say this form of “talking” is distinctive to what is taking place at the time.

They seem to have the capability to communicate:
• Pain
• Contentment
• Pleasure
• Anger
• Fear
• To get attention
• and others

As far as intelligence they also are quick learners and have been known to fetch, hide and seek, find hidden objects and other learned behavior.

Now let’s compare the Russian Blue with more different cat breeds. How about the American Bobtail for instance?

If you were walking along side a country road and you spied an American Bobtail, your first thought would be; you’re looking at a real bobcat.

Their most distinguishing characteristic is of course the all natural bob tail. The bob tail, along with the muscular body and haunting eyes of a wild creature, has fooled more than one person.

However, you will find this beautiful creature ready to open its heart to you and your family. This feline loves to ride on your shoulders or catch a cat nap in your lap.

One of the things which will blow your mind about the American Bobtail is a wonderful personality and it’s adaptability to change.

Even though they look like a cat from the wilds they interact extremely well with children and believe it or not dogs. You will spend many hours watching this little clown like creature entertain you with his antics.

Often times this playful little cut up will instigate a game and will continue to pester you until you play along. Because of its high degree of intelligence they are very easy to leash train and teach other tricks.

As you can see the Russian Blue Cats and other different cat breeds have much in common. Each cats owner and breeder say they are the best and the most intelligent.

Actually you will find out that the cats have conspired together to keep their loved ones on their toes. Until next time! ~The Cats

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