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best Toy Dog Breeds

best Toy Dog Breeds

Toy dog breeds include greyhounds, terriers, pinschers, pugs, chihuahuas, pekingese,

spaniels–the official list of the AKC is quite extensive.

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Regardless of breed, toy dogs are desired for their cuteness and cuddle-ability. Many retain the characteristics of a puppy for their entire lives. This may be one of the big attractions that toy dog breeds hold over larger breed dogs.

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best Toy Dog Breeds

Diminutive size, however, does not mean that toy dog breeds are less hardy. Once safely past puppyhood, their energy levels and enthusiasm rival any breed of dog.

Some are excellent watch dogs, but they won?t be able to follow through preventing entry of an intruder. The hue and cry of toy dog breeds can be enough to make your hair stand on end!

There are several advantages to toy dog breeds. Besides the ease of handling a smaller sized dog, they are more appropriate for apartment dwellers because they do not require as much exercise space as a large dog.

Additionally, toy dog breeds usually shed less than their larger counterparts–not because they have different coat characteristics, but because there is less dog! All sides of dog care are smaller: from cleaning to clean-up and food consumed to food expelled.

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best Toy Dog Breeds

Historically, toy dog breeds were used as companion dogs. They were friendly and alert, yet willing to be held and petted. They are very comforting and can bring peace to an owner.

Nursing homes and adult care facilities have found toy dog breeds to be soothing for their patients. Contrary to common perception, there is no law preventing animals from living in nursing homes.

It is up to the eldercare facility to allow–or disallow–pets. The calming influence of any pet, especially one that will transfer affections to everyone equally, is a wonderful aid for patient facilities.

You don?t have to reside in an eldercare facility to enjoy toy dog breeds. They do provide companionable joy for many who otherwise would be concerned about space, exercise and care requirements of a larger breed of dog.

Unique Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Run out of ideas and trying to find that extra special gift for the dog lover in your life? Don’t worry any longer. Have a look at these unique dog lover gifts and let them spark your creativity. You could even combine a few ideas and make a personalized dog breed gift basket!

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best Toy Dog Breeds

Give a door bell cover emblazoned with a particular dog breed. For the dog lover who has practically every other dog breed gift, this unique door bell cover is a great way to show who helps “rule the house”.

Is your dog lover also a computer enthusiast? Then consider a mousepad adorned with their favorite dog breed. This gift would get lots of mileage and is very practical too. Combine a mousepad with a screensaver of their pet to complete the “makeover” of their computer area.

For the dog lover and avid golfer, golf club covers in a dog breed theme would be a great touch for any golfer’s bag. What about a golf towel personalized with their pet’s picture and name?

Consider a gift for both the dog lover and their dog. What about a beautiful set of dog breed wind chimes? Make sure to throw in a new ball or chew toy for their dog too, so they can enjoy being outside together.

To help carry all those doggy accessories like leashes, snacks, and water, consider giving a tapestry tote bag with the dog breed. Or get 2 tote bags, one for the dog lover and one for the dog!

Another great and unique idea is a garden flag of their favorite dog breed. Some of the more expensive dog breed gifts are outdoor statues. You can find nearly every kind of dog breed in the form of a statue and some are so life-like it is difficult to tell the difference!

Of course, every dog lover appreciates a frame to hold their beloved pet’s picture. Have a frame engraved with the dog‘s name for an extra special touch.

Create A Gift Basket For A Dog Lover!

The choice of what gift to give your family and friends can often be a difficult one. One of the best gifts that you can give is a gift basket.

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best Toy Dog Breeds

gift basket is that one present that comes in many shapes, themes and of course price ranges. A gift basket can also be a new arrival gift idea.

The diversity of gift baskets is never-ending.

You can give a doggy gourmet food gift basket or a bath and grooming necessities gift basket. In fact the different type of gift baskets you can create is endless.

Here is a simple basket that you can easily create yourself for that special “Dog Lover”.
Pick a basket style. I like to use either a bucket or use a dog basket.

There are a lot of choices on the market so choose between one with a handle, with two side handles or without handles. Make certain the basket is large enough to hold the gifts you have selected and of course if it is intended for the dog to sleep in it, large enough to accommodate the dog.

Choose a color that complements the dog lover’s home decor. If in doubt, choose a neutral color by selecting a natural wicker basket.

Next select a variety of items that have a dog theme which will later be packed into the decorative basket that you have chosen especially for the recipient.

When selecting the gifts for the dog lover choose items with dog themes such as dog calendars, coffee mugs, computer mouse pads, T-shirts, note cards, stationery, dog magazines, include fiction and nonfiction books and picture frames.

Select some doggie bones and dog chew toys for the pooch or pooches.
To add a little extra to your gift basket for the Dog Lover include:
A cap with the dogs name embroidered on the front, some sunscreen for when they are out walking together and a poo catching holder for the collection bags;

If you are on a budget try a small basket and include:
A picture frame, a disposable camera to record an outing with their pooch, a record book to record events, a photo album, along with a voucher for photo finishing.

When you are finished, wrap the Gift Basket with cellophane paper and a nice ribbon to give it a finishing touch.

Use shredded paper inside the basket to hold the goodies in place. Tie a humorous gift tag with a message for that added touch.

Dog Jewelry

Dog jewelry is a favorite not only amongst dog lovers, but also amongst those who like to own different kinds of animal jewelry.

Dog jewelry ranges from bracelets to charms to totems to specially made dog jewelry for men and women. Most of the high end quality dog jewelry is made from yellow gold or white gold, but may also be made in sterling silver.

These are the more expensive varieties of dog jewelry other more reasonably priced variations of dog jewelry are also available. These more affordable pieces can be found in all shapes, sizes and materials.

Whether it is some kind of metal or plastic or some alloy, this jewelry is available in all ranges. In fact some of the pieces are specially designed by known designers belonging to famous jewelry houses.

Other than these designer jewelry houses, dog jewelry can also be found at departmental stores, general jewelry stores, online websites and in some auction houses too.

It is available to suit all kinds of tastes and different kinds of budgets. You just have to know what you are looking for.

Dog jewelry earrings and bracelets can be an unusual and wonderful addition to any outfit, and are not overly flashy.

They form an unusual and intriguing accessory, which can change your entire look. Dog jewelry earrings may either comes in a dangle form, or in a stud form.

Dog jewelry bracelets are also a great item to own. Dog jewelry pins can add a beautiful and innovative touch to a jacket or scarf.

They add a dash of color and chutzpah, which if used correctly can create an innovative style. These pins are of the dog‘s shapes, and may either be hand painted, pewter, gold, or bronze plated.

Dog jewelry also includes charms, which can either be in the form of a charm bracelet or charm necklace. Many consider these to be a good luck charm.

This piece of dog jewelry can add a dash of style to your outfit and can be worn by your pet too, making him the centre of attraction amongst the rest of your dog loving friends!!!

Dog jewelry locket rings are great too, because they hold your photo of the dog you love and look good when worn.

However these locket rings don’t necessarily have to hold the picture of your animal, it can even hold the photograph of some close loved one.

Dog jewelry is also available in the form of a ring. This can give you the option of either showing off or being discreet about your love for dogs.

This jewelry is the ideal gift to give to a dog lover, to some one who owns a dog or simply as an unusual gift to give to somebody. Not only that, it is a wonderful way to show your own dog how much you love him.

Dog jewelry is a unique item which you can not only gift, but can also buy for your own self. It adds an unusual look to your over all appearance and can be a wonderful conversation starter!!!!

5 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gifts to give your friends and loved ones. Finding unique gifts can present a challenge, and most people never consider giving pet-related gifts.

best Toy Dog Breeds
best Toy Dog Breeds

Since the chances are good that more than one person on your holiday gift list has a pet that he or she adores, why not give a distinctive gift that your recipient will treasure? Here are five great gift ideas to get you started:

1. Fine Art Animal Prints

Dogs may come in many shapes and sizes, but each has a personality all its own. One of the most delightful gifts you can give to a pet lover is a fine art print of his or her breed. One of the most notable artists offering fine art animal prints is Lorena Pugh.

Her print, “Princess,” for example, depicts a white toy poodle laying atop a stack of twelve colorful pillows, while “Angel Face” showcases a gorgeous pug who has just snagged a cluster of grapes off of a dining room table.

In “Chocolate Craving,” she realistically captures the yearning of a chocolate lab as he reaches for a tennis ball against a beautiful background of blue sky.

These limited edition animal prints are sure to be treasured, as each comes with a consecutively numbered dog tag to match the tag in the print.

2. Crystal Animal Statues

Whether your gift recipient has a dog, cat, horse, or rabbit, he or she is sure to enjoy an elegant crystal animal statue.

Typically made from 24 percent lead crystal, hand-finished animal statues are beautiful yet whimsical. Crystal animal statues can depict a wide variety of pets,

from a sitting cat to a dog with a bone; from a turtle to a frog; from a horse to a mouse; and from a duck to a dove.

3. Stone Animal Statues

Who wouldn’t love a playful stone animal statue depicting their beloved pet? Animal garden statues are perfect gifts, as are stone animal statues for the home and office.

While some statues – like a sleeping spaniel puppy or an eager dachshund – make you feel warm inside, others – like a cat holding a pair of binoculars up to his eyes, ever watchful for a bird

– make you chuckle. Stone animal statues are available for virtually any type of pet, and are certain to be cherished.

4. Animal Posters

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know how funny they can be. Animal posters depict pets in a variety of outlandish situations (remember the cat in “Hang in There”?), and are eminently affordable. An animal poster is sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

5. Entertainment

When it comes to gifts for pet lovers, there’s nothing more unique that pet-related entertainment. There is actually a music company that creates music for animals, so consider giving a gift of music about and for cats, dogs, or birds.

Another great gift idea is to buy a DVD or video that is designed to entertain your recipient’s dog or cat. Your friend or loved one can play the DVD or video while he or she is at work or out running errands – guilt free!

It’s both original and thoughtful to give a gift that acknowledges your recipient’s pet as a central part of his or her life. Pet lovers will appreciate and treasure your gift, whether it’s a fine art animal print or an entertaining DVD.

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