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Best way to find your lost cat

How To Find a Lost Cat

Best way to find your lost cat

Losing your cat is a worrying experience, use these ‘How to find a lost cat‘ steps, and try to stay calm.

Remember that most lost cats have not run away from home, we all know about cats and curiosity.
The first place you will want to search for your lost cat is right.

inside your home. It may seem obvious but make sure that your cat is not shut in a room, less obvious check washing machines, clothes dryers, dish washers, even refrigerators.

Check garden sheds, garages, basements and attics, look up trees. An injured cat will hide anywhere, and will not always respond to your calling, so search every possible space, under furniture, in boxes, any conceivable space that your cat could have crawled into.

Next check with your immediate neighbors, ask them to check their sheds, garages, etc. Ask local children if they have seen your cat, when and where they last saw it, ask if they know of any places that your cat could be hiding.

If the children are old enough, and with their parents permission, ask them to help find your lost cat.
Ask people who are regularly outside your home, joggers, postal workers, people walking dogs, moms taking kids to school, if they have seen your cat. Show them a photograph if possible.

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Best way to find your lost cat

It is a good idea to make a search to find a lost cat at night, but not alone – have someone with you.
Have you, or your neighbors, had anything delivered?

It has been known for cats to climb into the backs of vehicles and get driven off, phone the company and see if they know anything.

Have you recently moved? Check your old address, if it is a distance, phone your old neighbors ask them to let you know if they should find your lost cat.

Post flyers, preferably with a photograph, all around your neighborhood. Make the flyers stand out somehow, use brightly colored paper if possible.

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Best way to find your lost cat

Do not publish your name and address, just your phone number, if you offer a reward do not state the amount. Don’t forget to go back frequently and check that the flyers are still there, sometimes people take them down.

Leave flyers at your local post office, pet supplies store, laundromat, gas station, animal shelter and veterinary. Consider placing a ‘Lost Cat‘ classified ad. in your local newspaper.

Return to the same spots that you have already investigated and search again and again. Call back to the animal shelters and animal control agencies, in person – do not rely on telephoning.

Do not shrink from checking with the highway department and any other agency that deals with road kills, you would rather know if the worst has happened.

Finally have hope, cats are tough creatures and can last for some time without food and water. It is not too unusual for lost cats to be reunited with their owners after being missing for some months.

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