caring guide for hamster babies

caring guide for hamster babies

One can’t just take his eyes off hamster pups, as these tiny cute little creatures will sure have your attention.

Baby hamster are born without any fur and are closely attached to their mother. Though you may have the desire to hold them, bare in mind that there is nothing you can do within two weeks period after delivery.

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REMEMBER NOT TO TOUCH THE BABIES!! Your action might harm the babies and change its scent thus confuses the mother.

She will think that they are not hers, abandon them and worst she might even eat the babies (it did happened to my hamsters).

Not to cause any stress to the mother, avoid cleaning up the cage within this period. It is advisable to place the babies at the bottom of the cage as none of them had opened their eyes yet.

After this two weeks ‘vital’ period, you can hold them but only for a brief period as not to disturb or stress the mom or babies.

caring guide for hamster babies

You can also clean up the cage and place fresh beddings in most of it. Remove just the soiled parts in the nest area and put a good portion of the old bedding in it.

Put the babies back in the nest after it is cleaned up followed by the mother.

Once the babies eyes are opened (which should occur on the 11-12 days, but some take less/more), they should figure out how the bottle works.

In order for them to reach it easily, put it lower and in an area where they frequently go. If they haven’t figured out how to use the bottle and you are worried about them not drinking enough,

you can give them pieces of cucumbers to prevent dehydration. Do not put water in a bowl to prevent them from falling in and drown or catch a cold.

At three weeks, you can separate the babies if you observe any fighting among them but if they seem immature, less developed and not quite independent enough to leave mom just yet,

let them stay together until they are four weeks old. When they reach five weeks old, independent and have a healthy development, they can be placed in new homes and play in new surroundings and environment.

My mother in law pulled me aside and asked me if she could get a hamster for my daughter for Christmas

I told her to get a complete aquarium set because I didn’t want to be running around to find everything that is needed if that is what she gets her this year.

When we get home from our Christmas with my husband’s family, and my little girl has a fish tank, she is going to want to put it to good use right away.

That means that if I don’t have everything you would find in a complete aquarium set, I am going to be doing more shopping,

which is quite frankly the last thing I am going to want to be doing at that time of the year. Shopping is great, but I’m worn out by the end of December.

When you think about it, getting a complete aquarium kit is probably the easiest and fastest way to go, and if you have permission to get an aquarium for a child,

the parents are going to love that they don’t have to go buy more stuff to go with it, unless of course, they go out to get fish.

It saves time, and you know everything included will work together like it should without having to second guess purchases.

These should come with filters, aquarium, and many of the different things you put inside like the gravel and the plants.

When searching for a complete aquarium, you may find a set at your local pet store, or you can find them online in some cases.

Shipping can be tricky when dealing with glass, but most who sell them know exactly how to protect such things when they go through the mail.

You can probably save money when buying a complete aquarium set as opposed to buying everything separately, and you will also be glad you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

There are many different sizes and sets from which to choose, so take some time to shop around before you buy.

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