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Compare pet travel insurance

Compare pet travel insurance

Compare pet travel insurance If pet insurance seems frivolous then initially the thought of pet travel insurance can seem ludicrous.

But you’d be remiss to think that way,

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Pet Travel Insurance
Pet Travel Insurance

traveling is an invitation for chaotic and unforeseen scenarios, and pets tend not to react very well with these things! If you think you can simply take your pet on vacation every time and not worry about it then perhaps you should read on.

Traveling with your pet is extending the boundaries of your relationship, often in a way that will be new and confusing to your pet. From the safety of your home your pet Chihuahua might know not to chew up your shoes or pee on the floor,

but this is hardly the same thing while traveling abroad. Also keep in mind your pet
will be stressed out and will not understand what is happening.

Reasons Why You Need Pet Travel Insurance

First of all you have no idea how your pet will react to a different humidity, different weather, different insects and animals and perhaps even different food.

You Need To Use Good Canine Care

There is a myriad of respiratory and stomach problems these different conditions could cause.

The point is that it is quite easy for your pet to be ill, and what happens if you have to seek out a vet while traveling?

What if you have to take your pet to the vet once you get back for a vaccination or some sort of treatment? You’re already strapped for cash after all of the ordinary vacation expenses.

Secondly, the overwhelming stress your pet is going through can cause it to misbehave. Even if your pet doesn’t misbehave, imagine it vomiting or having diarrhea in your hotel room and having to pay damages.

This can add up quickly in any number of ways.

Compare pet travel insurance 2022

The final point I’ll make is that there may be occasions where you can’t take your pet with you where you’re going. Maybe you’re taking a specific tour that doesn’t allow animals, or planning on eating out at a fancy restaurant.

If you need someone to watch over your pet this can be costly to find someone you trust. If you had pet travel insurance you probably could have covered each of these individual problems!

I hope you can see now why it’s important to take another look at something you may have originally written off. Pet insurance and pet travel insurance have both been taking off in popularity throughout the last thirty years, and it’s because they are both valuable and necessary.

Have Pet … Can Travel

If you are reading this, I guess you have a pet, need a holiday and don’t want to waste your next hard-earned break watching round-the-clock rubbish on televsion. In days gone many pet owners simply did not go on holidays! “Why”, I would ask them, and the answer was always the same: “Because we own a pet.”

Fortunately pet owners have more options than they used to. These days you can often take your pet with you. Otherwise you can leave it in a secure boarding kennel or cattery,

or even commission a pet minding service to visit and service your pet in its familiar environment. But which option is right for you and your pet?

So now you’ve taken the first step and put in for some annual leave. Your vacation is coming up… but what are you going to do with the family pet?
Option One: Pet Friendly Holidaying

Taking your pet with you on holidays is an option particularly popular among dog owners whose charges travel well. Gone are the days when travelling “pet friendly”

meant rotting linoleum and a leaky roof. Many holiday venue operators now recognise that most pet owners are responsible adults who will look after a nice house in order to be invited back.

When travelling don’t forget to take frequent rests, pack water for the travel along with your dog’s water bowl, and don’t leave your dog to bake in your car! You’ll generally also be required to bring your pet‘s bedding, food and food containers.

Your pet should also be fully vaccinated, wormed and on a current flea treatment program. A first aid kit including tweezers or tick removers as well as antiseptic makes good sense, especially if there are likely to be ticks in the area.

Other pets can make excellent travel companions – cats and horses, for example, are welcomed at many holiday venues these days.
FOLLOW THE RULES: If you will be having your pet with you on holidays there are likely to be conditions. Find out what they are and follow them or you will not be welcomed back!

AVOID THE TELEVISION. Hopefully there isn’t a TV there, but if there is, don’t turn it on. You can watch TV at home and there are too many exciting things to do with your pet, friends and family, like bush walking, swimming… no, don’t reach for the remote control. Make the most of your holiday and enjoy the Great Outdoors!

There are times when you can’t take your pet with you, such as overseas holidays, business trips and when you are holidaying in regions that don’t permit pets. So what are your options?

Option Two: In Home Pet Minding Services

If your pet is unlikely to fret excessively in your absence it can make sense to leave them in their familiar territory. A Pet Minder can visit your pet in your home or garden, supplying food, entertainment, a walk and maybe even a bath in your absence.

Pet travel Insurance 2022

Leaving a pet in the house can even assist with security – who’s going to break in when Cujo’s guarding the front door?

As an added bonus a pet minder will often undertake additional duties including collecting mail, putting out the garbage and watering the plants. They can often attend to the other members of your family including fish, mice, birds etc.

Keeping up your dog’s exercise regime is important. If your chosen pet minder cannot exercise your pet then arrange for a family member or professional dog walker to look after this for you.

When interviewing for a pet minder, it is OK, and expected that you will ask for references.
Not all dogs and cats are suited to staying home while you’re away,

especially if you’ll be gone for an extended period. If your pet is likely to fret terribly, howl through the night, disturb neighbours or go wandering, then a boarding facility might be a better option for your pet‘s safety and security!
Option Three: Boarding Kennels and Catteries

A boarding kennel or cattery can provide a safe environment in your absence. Your pet will be fed according to the diet that you have prearranged – many boarding services can cater for the fussiest of animals.

Most boarding kennels have excellent exercise options available as well as ready access to a vet in case of emergency.
Know what to look for! Most boarding kennels and catteries are happy to show you through their premises if you make an appointment,

but I favour boarding facilities that welcome your inspection without an appointment.

Who knows what might get swept under the rug!
Your holiday – Relax and enjoy yourself
Now that your pets are taken care of, go and enjoy your holiday! Hang on a moment… what about the kids?

Pet Care Tips for Travelers 2021

Pets can sometimes make travel difficult, or at least challenging. Do you leave them at home and have someone come in and take care of them?

Or do you board them at a kennel?

Should you take them with you? It can be quite a dilemma.

Here are some pet care tips for travelers that may help you decide what’s best for your pet. Pet Travel Insurance

1. Leaving Your Pet at Home

Some experts point out that this is often the least traumatic way of leaving your pet when you go on vacation. While your pet‘s routine will be somewhat different, it won’t be the huge change that boarding would be.

If you go this route, see if you can hire a neighbor, friend, or family member that your pet is familiar with.

If your pet has not interacted with the caretaker before, take some time before your vacation to let your new caretaker get to know your pet(s).

Then take your caretaker through the routine. Writing it down to help them remember all the steps is important, but do take them through the routine in person at least once. Pet Travel Insurance

There are some cons to leaving your pet in your home. For example, some people are uncertain about having another person in their home when they are gone.

Also, if there’s an emergency or problem, a pet staying in your home may not be discovered right away, and would have to be transported to the vet.

2. Boarding

Boarding’s biggest asset is probably the availability of vet care. At a professional boarding kennel, your pet will have access to veterinary care close by if necessary.

You can also schedule a bath or flea treatment while you’re gone, so your pet is clean and ready to go when you pick him/her up.

Some of the cons to boarding are the expense and the possible trauma to your pet. If your pet gets anxious easily or is very attached to you and your routine, then boarding can be anxiety-producing for your pet. Pet Travel Insurance

3. Taking Your Pet With You

If you decide to take your pet with you and you are sure that all destinations (hotels, your final vacation spot, etc.) accept pets, then you will have a different type of preparation to do. Pet Travel Insurance

For one thing, getting your pet groomed very well before travel is a good idea. He or she will be more comfortable for travel that way

(especially if the grooming involves clipping to keep him/her cooler), and your pet will be less likely to leave hair in the car and where you’re staying.

If your pet is coming with you, he/she will need a carrier of sorts. Pet Travel Insurance

A travel crate or carrier is ideal, and keeps your pet safer that if he/she is bouncing around loose in the car. Also, some hotels require or prefer that your animal is crated or in a carrier. Pet Travel Insurance

Hopefully, these tips will help you decide what will work best for your pet as you travel this summer.

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