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best Tire Jump Foundation Training for your Dog

Tire Jump Foundation Training for your Dog

The Tire Jump seems like a relatively easy agility obstacle, at least from a persons perspective,

but in the Novice Agility ring you see many dogs that refuse to go through it, many go under it, while others choose to go around it.

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How can you prepare your beginning agility for success with the Tire Jump?

Let’s go back to foundation training. When introducing any new obstacle, you want to keep the difficulty low and emphasize the fun and ease that it can be for your dog.

If your dog has a sit stay, leave him about 2 feet in front of the tire, facing it, walk to the other side and call your dog, “Come Tire”.

If he won’t budge, put your hand with his treat or toy through the tire to coax him to follow your hand and jump through the tire.

Practice this several times until he willing is coming to you. Keep him about 2 feet from the tire, you go to the other side and then move back about 6 feet, “Come Tire.

When your dog is able to jump through the tire when you are at different distances and angles from the tire, then it is time to move him further away from the tire.

Start him back 6 feet, you go to the other side about 6 feet away and call, “Come Tire”. Place your dog at different distances and angles from the tire and call him to you. When your dog can succeed 80% of the time, its time to progress to make the challenge a bit harder.

Now that your dog is coming to you, it is time to teach “Go Tire”. Start close to the tire again, 3 feet away, this time both you and your dog are facing the tire. Tell him “Go Tire”.

If he jumps through, great, step to the side and reward him. If you don’t get any movement from the dog, step forward and point to the tire, “Go Jump”.

For some dogs this motion on your part is enough to get them up and going through the tire. If your dog still won’t move, take your treat container or toy and throw through the tire, saying, “Go Tire”.

Repeat this many times until your dog will successfully go through the tire without you having to step toward the tire or throw his toy through the tire.

If you are using a toy quickly try to get your dog to go through the tire then reward with a throw of the toy or treat container. Begin to back away from the tire, 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet work toward sending your dog from 30 feet away.

If you’ve started with a very young dog you should still have the tire height set low 8″ or 12″ for a good bit of your training. If your dog is older and large, now begin to move the tire height up.

Go back and practice you “Come Tire” and “Go Tire” when you change the heights. As you raise the height your dog may try to go under the tire.

At first you may want to setup some wire mesh or angled jump bars under the tire for your dog to realize he still needs to go through and not under the tire.

When you are getting ready for competition, raise the tire slightly higher than your dog would have in the agility ring. Preparation and practice are the best training tips for succeeding in the competition ring.

Dog Training Book – Why Buy One? When Everything is Free Online!

I’m a dog lover who believes that every dog owners should train their dogs if they truly love and care for them. Because I believe that dog training gives dogs a happier and healthier life. Not to mention, it also gives their owner a trouble-free life long companion.

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Tire Jump Foundation Training for your Dog

Well, maybe you do know that dog training is important, but what resources are available to help train your dog?

“Online and it’s free!” This thought should come to most dog owners instantaneously.

Yeah, you’re not wrong! That statement is definitely right to a certain extent. Allow me to explain further:

1. Yes. I agree that there are valuable free information online. But do you have the time to scan through hundreds of thousands of web site out there to find one valuable or useful dog training tip?

And since you are looking for dog training advice yourself, are you the one to judge if this dog training tip is useful or even helpful??

2. Yes. Most resources are free on the internet, but are these resources reliable? Or trustworthy?

Ask yourself: Are you learning from experts who knows everything about dog training or from novice dog owners who publish their dog training experience online? Or maybe you simply have not idea who you are learning from.

3. No doubt there are “good” dog trainers who offer valuable and good dog training materials online. But are they revealing everything they know?

Again ask yourself: If they are “real” dog trainers who offer their dog training services to dog owners. Are these people willing to reveal everything that they know online free and put their business at risk?

Certainly not for me or any sane person! Can you imagine KFC or Cheesecake Factory putting their recipes online?

I have no doubts or whatsoever that you can find quality dog training sites online, but you do need a considerable amount of time to find them and test them over time.

For example, how would you know if an online recipe is good? You try cooking with the recipe right? Well, you use the recipe and the food turns out to be rubbish! You figure that the recipe is lousy and went on to look for another one.

This process can go on and on. Unless you know that you have a good recipe on hand, you won’t figure out that it’s actually your cooking technique that sucks! The same thing applies to online dog training tips.

If you want to spend more quality time with your dog rather than searching for “useful” dog training resources online, the solution is actually simple: Buy a good dog training book.

Do what you have been doing all along. Learn from someone whom everybody learns from – just like going to school and learning from your teachers. In this instance, you just buy a proven dog training book that has been used by thousands of other dog owners.

It’s not difficult to make a wise decision. I hope you know what it is after reading this article.

Visual Dog Training Tips

When training your dog it can be a stressful time, but if you let it, it can be an enjoyable fun time. Many people are turning to aids to help them with their dog training, whether that be a friend, family member, training class book or dog training video.

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Tire Jump Foundation Training for your Dog

Dog training videos are possible the next best thing to a personal professional dog training. They offer lots of handy hints,

advice and techniques but you can see them put into action so you can tell where you are going wrong. There are thousand dog training videos out there to choose from.

Your local supermarket may even sell some, if not your pet store and also the internet is a great choice for purchasing dog training videos.

On the internet you can read reviews and personal opinions and success stories about the video that you are going to choose, not to mention there are sites that give you free clips to watch . So sometimes you don’t even have to pay to train.

I have tried several different dog training videos and they are all presented differently. Some videos focus on the training from the dog’s point of view,

with the dog doing the talking and no handler is actually present; these videos are ok but sometimes you need to see the body language of the handler so you know what you are supposed to do.

Other videos come with a handler and a dog in a plain white room where they basically start at point one and walk you through the steps of how to make your dog obey certain commands; these videos although very informative are boring and you lose interest pretty quickly,

not only that the dog in the training video has been taught obedience so is therefore not going to show you what accidents could happen or what will happen if your dog decides he isn’t interested.

The best type of video you can purchase is one where there are a room full of beginner handlers and young untaught dogs.

This video will let you see what to expect completely when trying to teach your dog, so you can be aware of what is going to happen and how to correct things if something goes wrong.

Dog training videos are a great aid in training your dog and they are very inexpensive so why not try some out? Anything that will make your dog listen to you is worth a shot isn’t it?

Tips on Dog Training and Supplies

Any dog owner will tell you the importance of dog training. If you want your dog to be trained but you don’t have the money to pay a

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Tire Jump Foundation Training for your Dog

dog trainer, then your next option is to train the dog yourself. But before you can do this, you must spend time and effort to know how to do it.

Dog training can be a rather challenging job, but finding the right dog training supplies makes training a lot easier.

But before you start, make sure that you have enough time to spend. Dog training may take a few hours everyday. You must also identify the area where you will do the training. It can be in your backyard or in the park.

To find good training guides, you make an internet search. Here you can download articles and watch training

videos found in some websites. You may also enroll in a training program that some websites offer. You may also visit pet shops and find good training kits there.

These are the same sources for training supplies. Before you purchase any supply, compare the products first using factors such as price, performance and usefulness.

The basic tool that any trainer should have is the collar. It can be made of nylon or leather, depending on the size and breed of your dog.

It can also be an electronic collar. While this may seem dangerous, manufacturers swear that their product is safe. It also lessens the effort that you need to exert in resisting the dog‘s movements.

There is also what is called a bark collar, which can control bad and excessive barking. These electronic tools make training easier, although it may cost quite a fortune.

Another tool is the leash. This is used when training the dog to walk. There are also other aids like harness, toys, food, whistles,

clickers, bells, poles, and many others. The equipment that you’ll need depends on the training program or technique that you will use.

Positive enforcement is one technique that most dog trainers use. This may also be called a reward system, where dogs are given praise and treats after showing some positive behavior.

However, on the flip side, you must not punish your dog if he misbehaves. Positive enforcement does not believe in the use of punishment to enforce discipline.

Most trainers will tell you that younger dogs are easier to train than older ones. This is because puppies are yet to take up any habit. Good habits must be established early on.

But this does not mean that older dogs cannot be trained anymore. Any dog can still be trained. It will just take more time and effort if they have already taken up some bad habits.

The key to success in dog training is in finding the best dog training supplies. But this does not mean that you need to have all kinds of aids available. With just a few pieces, coupled with adequate dog training knowledge, you can be successful in this endeavor.

Aside from these tools, you must equip yourself as well by reading dog training guides. Training your dog is not an easy job. But the feeling of accomplishment that you will have is sure worth the effort that you spent once you succeed.

Training Your Dog At Home

There are special services available which do home dog training. For a fee you can hire someone to come to your home to teach your dog every day.

You choose how long you want the program to last then they will end out a specialized handler who will determine what is the most effective training method for your dog then carry it out and of course you have to join in to.

Home dog training is relatively new on the dog marketing scene and is quite a hit especially in America. It’s not because people are lazy so they are hiring professionals.

It’s because they need someone with a lot of experience to help them train their dog, maybe their dog is giving them a hard time.

One of the largest home dog training services are Bark Busters, they are a globally known home dog training service and have achieved results all over the world. There are hundreds of testimonials and reviews available so read one for yourself.

They have sites in all parts of the globe. They offer a lifetime guarantee as well; you should visit their website to read more about them and the services they offer, also to see if you live close to a visiting dog trainer.

There is another large home dog training service located in the UK only, they are called “Dog Training UK”. One feature with them is that they don’t actually train your dog at your home.

They take them away to a place kind of like kennels for three weeks and train them there, so when your dog is returned to you he can do all the things that you have been trying to teach him for months!

They can only accept dogs which are up to date with their vaccinations and cannot train very aggressive dogs.

Many people are turning to home dog training as it is convenient and helpful especially if you haven’t had experiences training a dog before. A lot of people get tense and irritated when their dog doesn’t do what they say but that doesn’t help.

Training a dog can be a very stressful time and home dog training just makes it that much easier. I say if it’s there for the taking, why not?!

The Art Of Dog Training & Obedience School

One of the best things about dog ownership is that they can be trained to obey commands and are able to make a connection with their owner.

Dog training requires a certain amount of patience and determination, but will result in a well-behaved pet that your friends and family will adore.

The art of dog training is quite simple, but getting your dog to understand is another story. If you want to teach your dog to sit, begin by giving him/her the ‘sit’ command and push down gently on their rear while putting another hand on their chest and pushing back gently.

This will place them in the sit position. If your dog is resistant at first, keep trying but remain calm and be gentle with your pet.

One of the most effective methods of dog training is rewarding your pet after he/she has obeyed your command. Once your dog is in the sitting position, reward him/her with a special treat and praise them for their behavior.

This dog training practice can be done several times a day, every day until your dog can sit without having to be guided into position.

It is best to begin dog training as early as possible. If you have a puppy, start early and teach him/her the basic commands. Most importantly, always have a special treat to reward your furry little friend for their behavior.

If you find that you do not have the time or energy for dog training, obedience classes are given in most areas and will involve another individual training your pet in exchange for a fee.

The basic commands will generally be taught, along with behavioral techniques. Each instructor has his/her own way of conducting dog training, so be sure to ask about their methods prior to enrolling your pet. Dog training obedience classes usually last for several hours and are often held in the evening.

If you are interested in obedience training for your pet, you can learn more information by watching the classified section in your local newspaper for advertisements or by contacting your local veterinarian or animal hospital for recommendations of a good dog training course.

Dog training, if done properly, will make your dog an ideal candidate for vacations and being in situations where a lot of other people are present.

Some dogs become very excitable in the presence of other people, but a well-trained dog can be mild mannered in every situation.

Even if they are anxious, a pet that has experienced the proper dog training will be a delight to have around and may also prove to be a safe pet to travel with.

6 easy ways to find a good dog training professional

Finding a good dog training professional
With so many people advertising in the field of professional dog training today, trying to determine who’s truly qualified to look after your dog can be overwhelming. What to look for when choosing a professional to help you with dog training :

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Tire Jump Foundation Training for your Dog

1) A good reputation, ask around and get recommendations from your vet, other dog owners, or local kennel clubs.
2) Experience. – Inquire about their background, i.e. number of years experience.
3)A genuine love of and devotion to dogs.
4) Extensive and up to date knowledge. Dedicated trainers keep themselves updated by attending dog training and animal behaviour courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.
5) Their training methodology and handling skills. A good trainers first concern should be the dogs well being.
6) Memberships with reputable associations, organizations and training clubs.

General dog obedience tips

Training should be a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. If you are not in the right mood for training, don’t even begin.

Always reward your dog for obeying your commands promptly! A reward is anything that your dog wants and is willing to work for.

Treats are an obvious reward but other rewards could be verbal praise and toys. Several shorter sessions are usually better than one long one. Training should not involve any negative components or punishment .

There should be no shouting, no hitting or smacking, no chain jerking on choke chains or collars, and absolutely no electric shocking! Each training session should be enjoyable and positive with rewards for jobs well done.

Training with head collars
Pulling on the lead is one of the few unpleasant experiences of bringing up a new puppy or dog. Using a head collar for dog training has become very popular over the last few years.

Training with a head collar does have some advantages over the traditional training collar. Although very simple to use, it is important that head collars are fitted correctly and your dog properly introduced to the collar.

Head collars are generally more intuitive to use than a traditional training collar. Head collars are very effective when controlling dogs in difficult situations.

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